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Do You Need Your Air Conditioning Unit Replaced?


There comes a time when an AC unit is on its last legs due to a number of factors. At All Season Services, we’re able to identify the warning signs of a unit that is failing, while considering if the particular unit can be salvaged or needs to be replaced altogether.

Some of the major warning signs when determining if you need your air conditioner replaced include:



Depending on how old your existing unit is, this could be the ultimate indicator to why an AC unit would need to be replaced. Older AC units typically have major wear and tear while needing repairs throughout the life cycle of the units themselves. Even if your air conditioning is still working, it’s best to give us a call to better assess how much life is left on your unit.


Multiple Repairs

Overall, it is a good thing if you only need to repair your exiting unit instead of needing to replace it. After all, we understand that replacing a unit is a bit pricier than just repairing a part or two. However, frequently repairing a unit could result in spending more money over a longer period of time than initially replacing a broken-down unit.


High Energy Bill, Low Air Quality

One of the main concerns of all households and offices, especially in Texas, is how much their AC bill is going to be in the summer time. One key indicator of a failing unit is if it’s producing high energy bills while feeling the effects of a unit not producing air up to your standards. In order to fix this issue, replacing an air conditioner is the most essential step to take to save money and feel cool in your home or office.


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