Air Conditioning Tune-Up

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Does Your AC Unit Need a Tune-Up?


If you haven’t heard it from us already, it is important to get your air conditioning unit regular maintenance. Without regular maintenance, aging systems will likely see more complications, resulting in future repairs or even a replacement.


To prevent a failing unit that will need to be fully replaced, scheduling a tune-up for your existing air conditioner can save your family or business a ton of money.


Here at All Season Services, we use a comprehensive step-by-step checklist we examine to better optimize your air conditioning unit. This checklist ensures we do not miss any potential warning signs of your unit needing any repairs or potentially needing to be replaced.


What goes into an Air Conditioning tune-up?

A lot of HVAC companies have different ways to perform a tune up on your air conditioning unit. Whenever we come out to your home for an AC tune-up, here is what we examine:


  • Check All Pressure Valves
  • Check your system’s Drain and clean the Drain Pan/ Drain Line
  • Checking All Return Filters
  • Check Freon Levels
  • Wash Outdoor Condenser


Make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the hot summer months!


Schedule a your AC Tune-Up today


If it’s been years since the last time your AC has received a tune-up, schedule a free consultation with one of our licensed professionals today! We’ll be out there in no time to assess and optimize your air conditioning unit.


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